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Welcome to my homepage.  I have made this website to chronicle my life.  Some people have books written about them, some people have movies made about them.  Rather than let someone else tell my story, I decided to tell it myself.  Within this website, you will see pictures of my family, and learn about things that I have done.  Some of the sections are still under construction, so come back to see the site as it develops over time.

 Currently, the site includes sections on the things that I am most proud of.  The first section, however, is a brief biography – a short glimpse into my past that helps to explain where I come from – which helps to explain where I am going to.  The second section is the Assyrian Martyr’s Monument.  It is located in Chicago, at Montrose Cemetery, and is dedicated to my father, brother, and all Assyrians who have been killed because they were simply Assyrian.

 The third section is about the Assyrian Empire Gallery.  Over the years I have worked with various academic institutions, supporting the research of ancient Assyria.  That support culminated in the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago naming the Assyrian Empire Gallery in honor of myself and my family.

 The fourth section is about the Mesopotamian Museum, a project I started many years ago, after I had traveled to Finland to attend my first conference of Assyriologists.  The museum, located in Chicago, is a collection of works spanning the Ancient timeline of Assyria.  It is also has a conference center and there are workshops, lectures, and distinguished speakers at various times throughout the year. 


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